Community Engagement

Communities are made up of people who live, work, school and holiday in an area. It’s important to GEL that we involve the communities closest to our power and heat projects in their development, and keep them up to date with progress.

There are many ways for GEL to communicate with local communities, including a Community Liaison Group for every site, updates posted on the GEL website and social media pages, information in parish and community newsletters, bespoke leaflets and in-person information events.

Whenever possible, GEL will also support existing community events such as seasonal fairs and shows, as well as regular community social events and fundraisers.

Since 2018, GEL has also had a visitor facility at its United Downs geothermal site, where group visits are held for interest groups and local authority representatives. To enquire about organising a group visit, please send your request via the Contact Us form.


Community Fund

GEL wants to ensure that communities close to each of its projects have support for charitable initiatives which bring cohesion and sustainability to the community.

Each geothermal power project will have two wells, one to bring the natural hot water to the surface and the other to deposit the cooled fluid underground. At the start of drilling each well, a £20k deposit will be made into an independently-managed community fund.

Applications will be reviewed by a community fund panel, made up of GEL personnel along with representatives from the community, to ensure a democratic process is followed and the funds are shared between projects that meet the funds criteria. The United Downs Deep Geothermal Power project funded 14 initiatives in Gwennap, Carharrack, St Day and Lanner parishes.

For more information about our past or upcoming community funds, please send us a message via the Contact Us form.