Expressions of Interest for wellheads required for deep geothermal wells in Cornwall

Geothermal Engineering Limited (GEL) is inviting suitable Drilling Contractors to express their interest in supplying the following : –

  1. Provision of suitable Geothermal Wellheads, 1 production and 1 injection wellhead per site (on a purchase basis)
  2. Supply of Xmas trees suitable for production and injection that are hydraulically operated with manual backup
  3. Maintenance of the above on an ongoing basis, assisting GEL to define the necessary minimum maintenance schedule and programme that meets all UK regulatory requirements

The purpose of the EOI is to define which companies can supply suitable Wellheads and Xmas Trees for a minimum of two sites (four wells) to a specification defined in the EOI, as well as servicing and maintaining the wellheads to meet regulatory requirements and reduce risk of downtime.


For more detail on the work scope, please contact GEL Drilling Manager Peter Jones at


EOI responses should be provided by no later than 14th April 2023.